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Made in His Image

We are all made in God’s image and we know this, but how often do we stop and think about what that means?  If you are anything like me probably not nearly enough.  At least until recently, let me explain.  I love to have conversations with God.  He is just SO COOL!!!  And it’s just great to spend time with Him.  I remember years ago when I worked the overnight shift in the bakery I would dread my 30+ mile commute to work as I was often not feeling very awake and was certainly not looking forward to a long night in the hot bakery.  But there was something that I will also cherish forever about those long drives in the middle of the night,  God would just show up and we would talk as if he was right there in the car with me.  I remember it could not have been more real than having someone sitting in the front seat talking to me.  I could not see Him and yet the conversation was just as real and often quite powerful.  He would also hang out with me while I worked.  I often thought if anyone were to walk in they would think I was crazy and talking to myself as I would often respond to him outloud.  Those days were as amazing as they were trying but I got through them because of God’s grace and His incredible presence.  Those times have also left a mark on how I communicate with God to this day.  The conversations are so much more real than they ever used to be.  Because of those times I have come to realize that God talks a lot.  And I do mean a lot.  But it is because He has so much to say, if we are only willing to listen.  I have shared that thought with others many times over the years, but it was about a year ago that I actually voiced it out to God in a conversation and it went something like this.  me to God: “You know you talk a lot…          almost as much as I do and that’s saying something!  🙂 “    God to me: “I know….         I created you in my image.  😉 “    WOW!! talk about a total perspective change!  Suddenly I saw myself in a whole different light.  The more I think about that one little revelation the more I am blown away by it.  It is continually changing the way I see myself and others.  Think about it, we are all made in His image.  You are made in His image.  You are the way you are because He made you like Himself!  You have the gifts and personality traits you have because you are made in HIS image!  What does that mean to you?  How does that affect the way you see yourself?  Take some time this week and think about that.

T.F.Lemieux 08-22-2012


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2 thoughts on “Made in His Image

  1. Arlene Dorr on said:

    That was very thought provoking Todd.

  2. Thanks Todd.
    I will think about being made in His image and others too, more than just something I say.

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